Only with Nord Duck. Freedom of choice with the Energyflex system

Nord Duck has always treated flexibility of the system as an extremely important matter. This is why whenever you invest in one of Nord Duck heat pumps, you will always be able to take advantage of the flexible Energyflex system. This means that you can easily connect to other sources of heat, pools and tanks at any time, in an economically effective way and within a single system. The system is based on an ecological, efficient and flexible heating system, with the Nord Duck heat pump being its central part. More so, when you connect to one of our intellectual multifunctional tanks, you will be ready to any weather conditions.

Start right now

Expand the system later
Let’s start with one heat pump. Then you will be able to easily expand your system with virtually any heating system component - a solar panel, additional tanks, boilers with water jackets and boilers operating on wood, electricity, pellets, and even gas...

Freedom for which you don’t have to pay any extras
The best thing about our system is, that you can take advantage of its flexibility without any additional expenses. The system is included in standard sets of all Nord Duck heat pumps. It can be built without any problems or inconveniences. All you have to do is connect, control, enjoy and save money.


Start right now. Expand the system later

The Nord Duck technology allows you to connect different types of boilers, solar panels, pool heating, cooling, additional accumulation tanks, etc. to your heat pump. All these components form a heating system which you can control using a single controller.

The entire system is controlled using a 4.3-inch colour sensor display. All information is presented using simple and easy to understand symbols.

The most important functions:

Monitors all functions of the heat pump;

Allows to set-up own parameters;

Displays set values, such as, for example, temperature, operation time, energy consumption and error notifications in a simple and structured way. This simplifies setting-up and diagnostics, and allows to automatically recognise connected and operating systems.


Technical presentation

We would like you to see our presentation that will show you possible combinations of heating systems.