BASE i550 Pro

All-in-one thermal tank with smart control

BASE is a natural and logical add-on to any heating system. The tank is equipped with an “intelligent energy hub”, which is necessary for the complete integration of a modern combination of renewable and non-renewable sources of heat, providing comfort, reliability and energy efficiency for home or business.

BASE i550 ProBASE is an all-in-one thermal tank, which is also a distribution hub with an integrated smart control center. BASE i550 Pro system-tank, equipped with EnergyFIex function, has a truly unique and efficient solution that meets your needs for general heating and hot water heating.

BASE will actively control all heat sources, and monitor up to 3 independent heating zones. Smart control automatically compares the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective heat sources with the requirements for heating. For ensuring energy security, BASE is equipped with built-in multi-stage heaters to provide alternative heating in case of need.

Additional functionality is available for heating the swimming pool or for connecting additional heat tanks.

BASE heats a lot of hot water – up to 40 liters per minute; it is also capable of heating 600 liters of water to 40 °C at a flow rate of 22 liters per minute. The tank is delivered complete with several connection points that help not only during installation and operation, but also provide an opportunity to easily upgrade the system in the future.

  • The heat tank is intended for both central heating and hot water supply
  • Intended for integration into all heating systems
  • Supports heating at the most rational temperature
  • The standard model is equipped with a 9 kW solar coil and a controller
  • Produces up to 40 l/min of hot water, lack of Legionella is guaranteed
  • Central return connection for DHW circuit
  • Simultaneous control of three heat pumps
  • Integrates with gas-, oil-, wood- and pellet boilers
  • Protection against Legionella is included in the model design
  • Controls the heating of water in the pool
  • Controls three heating zones simultaneously
  • Equipped with a built-in alternative heater for energy safety
  • Equipped with 90 mm polyurethane insulation to minimize heat loss
  • Has an additional remote control panel for monitoring and control via the Internet
  • Has a single-phase and three-phase design
ModelBASE i550 Pro (400 В 3N~)BASE i550 Pro (230 В 1N~)
Basic dimensions on deliverymm1700 x 750 x 950
Basic dimensions upon installationmm1700 x 886 x 1067
IP classIPX1
Inner volume of hot water (40° С, 22 l/min)
Tank temperature 55° С НР (ЕА400), admissiblel>600
Hot water internal coil (finned)m2 x 18,6
Hot water internal circulation coil (finned)m0,6
Solar panel circuit (finned)m10
Volume of waterl540
Electrical data400В 3N~230В 1N~
Built-in heaters, power output (option)kV9 + 9 (+9 suppl. equip.)9
Power output limitations, built-in heaters, upper tankkV/increment0,30,3
Power output limitations, built-in heaters, bottom tankkV/increment0,3
Current monitor, integratedlYes