BASE 350 L/H

BASE 350 L/H
BASE 350 L/H

BASE 350 L, BASE 350 H

Stylish, smart and economical series of indoor modules with many possibilities and integrated heat pump control.

The BASE 350 L / H has a fully integrated touchscreen display with a very user-friendly interface through which you can easily access all functions – just like your smartphone. You can also mirror the image to your tablet, phone or computer. But most importantly, it has a multilingual interface and understandable symbols that make it easy to regulate heating, hot water, etc. And receive extensive information about the work.

BASE 350 L / H is an ultra-efficient indoor unit with integrated heat pump control. Combine it with EcoAir air / water heat pumps for the perfect combination. EcoPart is the ideal choice for those who prefer ground, lake or geothermal heating. The BASE 350 L / H is equipped with the same ultra-efficient hot water technology as our ground source heat pump. Combined with EcoAir or EcoPart, it can produce over 300 liters of hot water.

Expansion vessel, power cable and primary flow sensor are factory installed. In addition, a pressure gauge and automatic venting devices are standard. The BASE 350 L / H is well insulated and therefore has minimal energy losses.

Low ceiling height? No problem! Choose the indoor module that best suits your property – it is available in two heights: 1.67 and 1.91 m. The lower model has pipe connections at the top and the taller model connects at the bottom.

Built-in automation has climate control and takes into account the temperature both indoors and outdoors. As standard, the product can control two separate heating circuits. With accessories, you can easily add solar heating, set up your hob or water-jacketed boiler to transfer heat too, or connect a pool. You can also cool off in summer by complementing your ground source heating with passive cooling, which uses the cool temperature of the bedrock to produce pleasantly cool air.

The BASE 350 L / H has a standard internet connection, so you can easily control your heat pump remotely. To ensure compatibility with smart homes, the product is equipped to connect to Alexa, Google Home, etc. It also supports SmartGrid, which means it is equipped for the power grid of the future.