GSi 600

GSi 600
GSi 600

GSi 608, 612, 616

New stylish, smart and economical variable speed ground source heat pump series.

The GSi 600 is equipped with a touchscreen display with a very user-friendly interface through which you can easily access all functions – just like your smartphone. You can also mirror the image to your tablet, phone or computer. But most importantly, it has a multilingual interface and understandable symbols that make it easy to regulate heating, hot water, etc. and get extensive information about the work. The built-in automatic mixing valve has climate control and takes into account the temperature both indoors and outdoors.

With inverter control, the GSi 600 automatically adapts to the power consumption throughout the year. When high power is required, it increases. When less power is required, the compressor switches to a lower capacity. This means that you will always achieve maximum savings (up to 85%).

The Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of the GSi 600 means that it produces 5 times more energy per year than it consumes. The compressor and cooling components are housed in a separate soundproofed unit, making it very quiet – only 34 dB (A) at normal speed. In addition, the entire heat pump has very effective insulation, which minimizes energy losses. The GSi 600 meets the requirements for an A +++ rating, which is the best energy efficiency a heat pump can have.

The GSi 600 automatically adapts to the existing bedrock. This means that when replacing an old heat pump, installation costs are significantly reduced. In addition, the product has received a new flexible brine connection, which further simplifies installation.

The GSi 600 is equipped with a highly efficient water heater that produces over 300 liters of hot water. In addition, the GSi is available in three sizes: the GSi 608 is best suited for small objects, the GSi 612 is best suited for medium-sized objects, and the GSi 616 is best suited for slightly larger objects.

The GSi 600 has a standard internet connection, so you can easily control your heat pump remotely. To ensure compatibility with smart homes, the product is equipped to connect to Alexa, Google Home, etc. It also supports SmartGrid, which means it is equipped for the power grid of the future.