GEO DHW Inverter 12

The Variable-Speed Heat Pump

Heat pump with variable speed for vertical or horizontal collector or a body of water 2.5 – 12 kW.

GEO DHW Inverter 12The GEO DHW Inverter 12 is a variable speed heat pump that automatically adapts to the ambient requirements of a building for the required power throughout the year. If necessary, the power will increase, in other cases – the compressor speed will decrease and the output will derate. Thanks to this concept you will always have the maximum cost savings.

The new geothermal heat pump GEO DHW Inverter 12 is ideal for most homes, because it has a large performance range – from 2.5 to 12 kW. Inverter-controlled compressor with electronic expansion valve gives a very high seasonal performance factor (SCOP 5.43), and hence the minimum operating costs.

In addition, the GEO DHW Inverter 12 also heats hot water with high efficiency, producing up to 300 liters of hot water, and is the best in its class. A new, even more efficient insulation of the tank also guarantees minimal energy loss.

GEO DHW Inverter 12 has a 4.3-inch color touchscreen display with English text and clear symbols, which simplifies the adjustment of settings for hot and cold water, as well as obtaining information about the operation of the heat pump. The compressor and cooling components are closed in a separate soundproofing chamber, which ensures extremely low noise level and makes GEO DHW Inverter 12 the quietest geothermal pump of all.

Thanks to the Energyflex function, you can complete your heating system with solar panels or connect, for example, an already existing wood-burning heating system or a water-jacketed stove. GEO DHW Inverter 12 can also be connected to your swimming pool for effective water heating.

In order to achieve the lowest possible energy consumption and the greatest economy, the GEO DHW Inverter 12 is equipped with energy-saving circulating pumps of class A in both brine and heating sections. The heat preserved in a rock, soil or water body is used as a source of heat.

The brine system can easily be connected to the right, left or rear, which ensures trouble-free and easy installation of the heat pump.

  • Savings up to 85%
  • Energy efficiency class A +++
  • The largest volume of hot water heating in its class
  • High seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP 5.43)
  • Maximum output, if necessary
  • Inverter-controlled compressor
  • Electronic Expansion Valve
  • Can control the operation of two heating systems
  • Very quiet, 45.6 dB (A) (0/35 50 rev per sec)
  • With Connect, you can control the heat pump through your smartphone

* Energy consumption class when heated, complete with built-in control system.

ModelGEO DHW Inverter 12
Electrical data400 В 3 Н ~50 Hz
Energy efficiency class (with control system)A+++
Heating – energy efficiency class (w/out control system)/DHWA++/A
Compressor output rangekW2,5 -11,8
Immersion heater (adjustable in increments of 0.3 kW)kW9
Ingress Protection classIPX1
DHW volume 40 °С in mode: Economy/Normal/Comfort (EN16147)215/235/311
SCOP (EN14825) low temperatures, cold climateSCOP5.5/4.3
Output¹ 0/35 I 0/45 I 0/55 (50 rev per sec)kW6.17 I 5.64 I 5.40
СОР¹ 0/35 I 0/45 I 0/55 (50 rps)COP4.78 I 3.71 I 3.01
Output power¹ 5/ 5 I 5/45 I 5/55 (50 rps)kW7.16 I 6.62 I 6.36
СОР¹ 5 I 5/45 I 5/55 (50 rps)COP5.69 I 4.31 I 3.57
Noise Factor (0/35 50 rps) (EN12102)dB(А)39
Max oper.current, compressor opration/incl. Immersion heaterA8.4/24.9
Max output of immersion heater with fuse block 16, 20, 25 АkW2.1 I 5.2 I 9.0
Water volume, tank (V)l229
Max operational pressure, tank (PS)bar3.0
Water volume, HWS systeml1.7
Max operational pressure, DHW systembar10
Brine pumpGrundfos UPMXL GEO 25-125
Min/max brine system pressure (PS)bar0.2/3.0
Refrigerant amount (R407C)kg2.4
Value of pressure relay tripping time delaybar31
Dimensions (H х W x D)mm596 x 1907 x 673
Required ceiling heightmm1910

¹ EN14511 (incl. Refrigerant pump and brine pump).