GEO BASE 406-417

Geothermal Heat Pump

GEO BASE 406-417 works perfectly both as a complete heating system and as an auxiliary heating system.

GEO BASE 406-417The new GEO BASE is designed for heating small residential and industrial premises. Thanks to the newly developed refrigeration circuit and high-efficiency compressors, GEO BASE can heat water up to 65 degrees Celsius. This means that you can have more hot water and warmer radiators.

GEO BASE Pro is designed to be connected to either new heating systems, or to already existing systems. The heat available in a rock, soil or lake water is used as a heat source. The brine system can be easily connected to the right, left, top or rare.

Thanks to the use of separate cooling modules, GEO BASE is capable to increase the power output in three stages. As a result, the pump operates more smoothly and is better adapted to different requirements for a cubic content of a building. The number of starts/stops has decreased and the degree of thermal comfort has increased in comparison with the single-stage analog. In addition, the individual cooling modules also have a very low noise level. GEO BASE 400 is available in three versions: GEO BASE 406-417, GEO BASE 406-417 LEP and GEO BASE 406-417 2xLEP with outputs of 6, 10, 12, 14 and 17 kW that can be connected in series.

Heat pumps EcoPart 400 can be combined in a series of several pumps. The cascaded heat pumps will be controlled using the Basic Display control system or the Logic Pro/Family.

The unique Logic Pro/Family logic control panel can control the entire heating system of your home. The Logic system can monitor and control heat pumps, solar panels, peak heating, buffer tanks, pool, cooling and other heat sources.

  • Primary flow temperature 65 °С
  • Circulation pump class A, with low power consumption
  • Available with power outputs: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 17 kW, which can be cascaded to increase power
  • Suitable for single- and double-pipe systems, convectors and underfloor heating
  • Soft start function
  • Quiet Scroll Compressor
  • Flexible connection
Electrical specifications3 x 400 V/1 x 230 V
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm600 x 673 x 760
Nominal OuputkW2.
IP ClassIPX1
Compressor capacity @ 0/35°С 0/ 45°C¹kW5.90/5.488.19/7.879.97/9.5511.75/11.2414.47/13.9316.24/16.14
Compressor power consumption @ 0/35°С and 0/ 45°C¹kW1.29/1.551.79/2.162.17/2.62.55/3.073.19/3.833.7/4.47
COP @ 0/35°С and 0/45°С¹4.57/3.544.58/3.644.60/3.684.60/ 3.664.54/3.644.36/3.61
Heating system, nominal flow, Δt= 5 K 0/35 oCl/s0.280.390.480.560.680.81
Brine system nominal flow, Δt= 3 Kl/s0.370.510.640.730.881.05
Compressor typeScroll
Compressor Max operating currentA4.5/145.2/19.56.8/21.68.2/27.19.14/33.211.5
Rated current VPA5.
Water volume — brine side (TS)¹l2.
Min/Max brine pressure (PS)bar0.2/3.0
Min/Max brine temperature (TS)ºC– 5/20
Refrigerant amount (R407C)kg2.
Interruption value switch HPMPa3.1 (31 bar)
Noise FactordB(A)4343.548.550.35355.5

¹In accordance to EN14511, including pumps.