Logic L/M

Logic L/M
Logic L/M

Advanced heat pump control

Logic L and M control units are smart control systems that automatically monitor and control CTC’s heat pumps, additional heat, buffer tanks, solar, pool and passive cooling, etc.
Logic L and M have a modern design with a fully integrated touch display. The display has a very user-friendly interface where you can easily access all functions and can both swipe and scroll, just like on your smartphone. In addition, you can easily mirror the display on your tablet, mobile, etc. The control logic has simple and clear symbols and the option to switch language.
Logic L can control and monitor up to ten heat pumps. To ensure compatibility with most water-borne radiator systems, there are six different basic systems to choose from. The control system handles the connection and disconnection of the existing boiler fully automatically, prioritises hot water production or heating, and can handle up to four heating circuits.
The Logic M is a simpler variant able to control up to two heat pumps in up to two heating circuits, which is enough for most properties.
The Logic L and M has a built-in power monitor, optional external additional heat (0-10 V, 0-3 steps or 0-7 steps), hot water prioritisation and a built-in buzzer alarm. You can log operating data and update programs via USB.
Logic L and M control units have internet connectivity as standard, so you can easily control your heating circuit remotely. You can also connect the control to a remote computer (DUC). To ensure compatibility with smart homes, the control units equipped for connection to Alexa, Google Home, etc. It is also SmartGrid-ready, which means it is equipped for the electricity grid of the future.