Logic Pro

Control system for heat pumps

Logic Pro can monitor and control up to ten heat pumps. Six possible options for controlling the connection of various heat sources and home heating systems. The controller automatically controls the connection and disconnection of existing heat pumps, boilers, solar panels, etc. It selects the priority of heating hot domestic water and of various home heating systems.

Logic ProLogic has a large 4.3 inch color touchscreen display. You can very easily monitor the functioning of the system, observe the history of all parameters, and update the program via USB.

Logic has the ability to integrate additional accessories. The controller can be controlled remotely via SMS and the Internet, and you can also connect it to the master automation system via BMS. Installation of an additional room sensor is also possible, and you can place it anywhere in the house.

Logic – the logical choice!

  • 6 various systems to choose from
  • Control of up to 10 heat pumps at a time
  • 4.3 inch color touchscreen display
  • Automatic control of connection and disconnection of available heating systems
  • Ability to monitor and control the system via SMS
  • Possibility of connecting to the master system of the house via BMS
  • Wall fastener
  • 5 meter cable
  • Room sensor
  • Outdoor sensor
  • Primary heating flow sensor