BASE 350 L/H

Multifunctional system available in two height versions, with a large number of options and built-in heat pump controller

NORD DUCK BASE 350 L/H is an evolutionary model of a reliable Swedish bestseller – an electric boiler EcoEI. The new model is even more efficient, has a fresh new design and is equipped with touchscreen display.

BASE 350 L/H
Control and configuration

The control panel and 4.3-inch touchscreen display have clear symbols and easily understood text, allow you to easily configure your heating system and hot water heating, and obtain various data about the operation of the system.

New design

The BASE 350 L/H has a new white color design. The product is equipped with a cabinet that is available in three sizes. The height of 146mm is standard. Cabinets can be combined for a neat and attractive type of installation.

Start now – supplement later

Start with installation of a multifunctional BASE 350 system with a power consumption of up to 15 kW and an integrated heat pump control panel. Then you can complete the system with GEO BASE 406-410 model for rock, soil, lake heat or with AIR 406-410 model for air/water systems to get the ideal heat pump installation.

Lots of hot water

A new technical design means that we have increased the hot water capacity. With BASE 350 system, we guarantee the absence of legionella in hot water. Our solution provides as much hot water as needed.

Suitable for any system

BASE 350 is suitable for various heating systems: one- and two-pipe systems, for radiators and convectors, as well as for heated floors. By means of the additional valve of the 2nd circuit you can control two different heating systems.

Cooling with auxiliary cooling equipment

Now you can also get cool in the summer, additionally installing Comfort (passive cooling unit in combination with GEO BASE), which uses the low temperature of ground boreholes to provide pleasant cool air.

Even temperature without noise

A technology that provides a much smoother and even heating temperature. Radiators and floor heating are always maintained at a given temperature due to the automatic shunt of the 2nd circuit. As the temperature is constant, you will not hear unpleasant sounds and annoying clicks in the floor and pipes as the capacity expanses.

Freedom, for which you do not need to pay extra

Energyflex function gives you the freedom to additionally connect other sources of energy to the system. Thanks to two ingenious connections, you can supplement the system with solar heaters or a water-jacketed stove for heating. Connect the swimming pool and you can also enjoy the summer heat.

ModelBASE 350LBASE 350H
Electric specificationsmm400V 3N/230V 1N/230V 3N
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm1612/1654 x 595 x 6721862/1904 x 595 x 672
Required ceiling heightmm16961925
Boiler volumel223
DWH, type, volumelCopper-alloy/5.7/stainless
Max. operating pressure/temperaturebar/100°C2,5
Touchscreen displayinch4.3”
IP classIPX1
Power outputl3×400 V -9+6 (3) kV/1×230 V -9+3 kV/3×230 V -7+7 kV
Integrated monitorlYes