Air-to-Water Heat Pump

The most quiet air-to-water heat pump NORD DUCK AIR 400 with high efficiency of 4.9 COP (Heat Pump Coefficient Of Performance).

AIR 406-420

Effective and quiet

Effective and quiet AIR 400 is equipped with a completely new, more efficient and even more reliable compressor, an electronic expansion valve and an updated fan design. This makes the heat pump the most efficient (4.9 COP) and the quietest air-to-water heat pump.

New design

This best-selling air-to-water heat pump is also endowed with a new design that allows you to connect various equipment to it.

Air is clean and full of energy

AIR 400 is easy to install, takes up little space and does not require well drilling at all. Instead, AIR 400 takes energy from the air and converts it into hot water and heat for your radiators and floor heating systems.

Power, when it is most needed

AIR 400 lowers heating costs by up to 70%, provides heating at an outside temperature down to -22 ° C and heats hot water up to 65 °C.

More power and longer service life

AIR 400 is equipped with automatic defrosting system, which reduces the need for defrosting to a minimum. Due to this the system produces more heat, provides more power and a longer service life.

No freezing over!

Under many heat pumps, a condensate freezes over and turns into a whole block of ice. It is not an issue anymore. The standard model of the new AIR 400 has a condensate drain tray with a built-in heater.

Hot water and Energyflex

AIR 400 functions best with the flexible multi-tank system BASE i250 or BASE i550 Pro for controlling both the heating and hot water systems. Thanks to the available special connectors, you can additionally connect a solar collector, a water-jacketed stove or a swimming pool.

Leave your old boiler behind

If you want to keep your old trusty beast in the boiler room – no problem. AIR 400 with Logic Pro Control can also function together with an existing electric-, gas-, oil- or solid fuel boiler.

A heavy favorite of installation engineers

Why do installation engineers adore AIR 400? Because it is easy to use, easy to install and very reliable.

ModelAIR 406AIR 408AIR 410AIR 415AIR 420
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm1080×1245х5451180x1375x610
Electrical SpecificationkW2З0 V 1N /400 V 3N~400 V 3N~
IP ClassIP 24
Output Power¹kW6.2/4.8/3.87.8/6.0/4.711.5/8.8/7.315.9/12.0/10.017.6/13.9/11.5
Input Power¹kW1.3/1.З/1.21.6/1.6/1.62.4/2.3/2.33.5/3.4/3.34.1/3.9/3.9
Compressor typeScroll
Refrigerant amount (R407C)kg2.
AIR (low/high speedm³/h2500280041004000/54005400/6200
Noise FactordB (A)565864/61²66/64²
Noise Factor Data, 10 mdB (A)313339/36²42/39²

¹AIR 400 is tested in accordance with European standard EN 14511 at a water temperature of 35 °C and air temperature of up to +7/ +2/-7 °C (including fan, circulating pump and defrost).

² “Quiet Mode” In this position, the fan runs at a lower speed, which means that the product generates less noise.